20 October 2016

5 Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving

That Evening In Chinatown

It's not just anime I've been watching a lot of lately it's Asian dramas, they're kinda a guilty pleasure of mine and I tend to watch a lot of Thai dramas so I can practice my language skills even though every drama seems to follow the same story but I do kinda like them as they don't take things to seriously and they cast the best looking people haha! I don't just watch Thai dramas though I watch a lot of Japanese and Korean ones to so here are a few of my faves that I've recently watched

This is a Korean drama based on a popular webtoon about a struggling comic artist that one rainy day finds a stray cat and falls in love. The drama is told from both the protagonists and the cat's point of view which is super cute and I really enjoyed, it's very funny but as the story begins to unfold you get hit right in the feels so be warned you might need tissues.

So the title pretty much says it all, this drama is all about Seiya Todoin who's handsome, smart and rich but pretty much clueless about girls and his mission to get a girlfriend. So I watched this a long time ago with Violet when we were in Japan because Yutaka Kobayashi who plays Kaito in Kamen Rider Gaim was in it and it completely shattered my illusions of this guy being super cool because he is such a dork in this (and in real life) but I loved how stupid and hilarious this drama was and I still want a second season dammit!

This is a Thai drama about a girl who gets bullied at school by her first crush then becomes a complete social recluse and deals with it by wearing a box over her head. So I kinda related to this drama in the fact that I'm totally socially awkward and have at times just wanted to hide away in a box but I learned to deal and so does Maewnam. This drama is equal parts funny and cute and the cast is hot! I loved the development of the characters in this drama to from Maewnam living in box to becoming a strong woman and standing up to the bullies not just for her sake but for her friends and family. If you're new to Thai dramas then this is part of a collection of series titled Ugly Ducking which are just 7 episodes long and although I haven't actually seen the other series yet they're definitely on my watch list.

This Japanese drama is basically about a bunch of oddballs that work the late shift at a convenience store. So this drama may not sound like much but it is hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud many times watching this, if you can't already tell I love a drama that doesn't take itself too seriously and this was such a fun watch so I totally recommend it if you need a giggle.

If you love murder mystery shows you will love this one and if you're a Sherlock fan you will love it even more because this show is basically Japanese Sherlock I mean they even have the same hairstyle! I also love the fact that the show is set in Kyoto (one of my fave places)so you get to see a lot of traditional Japan. The series is based on the novels of Alice Arisugawa and after watching the series I'm definitely going to check out the books!

What Asian dramas have you watched?
Love & Chai

15 October 2016

11 October 2016

Becoming a Monk in Thailand

Monk Ceremony

One of the common traditions in Thailand is for the males of the family to join the monastery for a period of time in order to bring good luck to their family. Back in May my family held a big celebration for my cousin who decided to become a monk and the planning and preparations for this started almost a year in advance.

Monk Ceremony

Monk Ceremony

Our whole family from Bangkok (and Sukhothai) made the journey early morning to Singburi with our car packed full of food and other offerings for the monks. When we reached his house it was already packed full of people drinking, eating and dancing to traditional Thai music then our first family duty was to begin the cleansing where you shave off all his hair and eyebrows, wash him in water and turmeric then he dons a white robe and begins his blessings.

Monk Ceremony

Monk Ceremony

We woke up early the next day in order to start the procession from his house to the temple which in reality was only a few kilometres away but the walk took us a few hours! Loud music is played and the whole family dances and celebrates in the street, it was so much fun and we all wore matching T-shirts with our family name on, I actually had a little part in designing them to as I chose the colours and the fonts we used, although I'm still clueless about a lot of Thai traditions I love that my family allows me to be a part of them and teach me new things.

Monk Ceremony

Monk Ceremony

At the temple each of the family were given a package of offerings to give to the monks, these packages can contain food, money, toiletries, robes, basically anything the monks will need for their stay there as monks enter the monastery with nothing and rely on donations for their stay there.  We made the procession around the temple three times, which is said to be auspicious, before my cousin enters the temple to take his vows and change from his white robes into the tradition orange monk robes.

Monk Ceremony

Monk Ceremony

The ceremony ended with the family offering food to the monks, praying and receiving blessings, then my cousin was left alone to spend his time at the temple with the elder monks. I had so much fun celebrating with my family although it was ridiculous hot and I really enjoy seeing and being a part of these Thai traditions although I may not fully understand what's going on at times and I'm very much looking forward to the next big celebration we have together.

If you want to learn more about becoming a monk be sure to check out this link
Love & Blessings

30 September 2016

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (September 2016)


I'm back in Chiang Mai after a fun filled few weeks with my family in Bangkok, Thailand has always felt like home to me but now I'm actually living here it feels even more so, I was so happy to spend some more time with my family after being away for a few months but now it's back to my studies and time to do some hard work but don't worry there are some really fun things coming up soon so stay tuned...

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Love & Onigiri

27 September 2016

The BEST Batman Collection EVER!! (Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand)

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

As soon as I heard about the Batcat Museum in Bangkok I had to go! I had heard that this was the biggest collection of Batman merchandise ever and the rumours were true but there's not just Batman related toys there there are so many more and I've never been in awe of a place so much it's like the guy bought every Batman toy from every comic con and raided the whole of Akihabara in the process, this collection was #LIFEGOALS!!

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

I swear this collection must be worth millions!! We spoke to the owner and he was telling us how people like to give him things to add to the collection which is really sweet, he even had a TARDIS which someone had given him because they didn't know what it was and just thought it was a cute wardrobe.

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

There are 3 large rooms in the Batcat museum with display cases crammed full of collectables, I honestly don't think I've seen that many amazing figures in one place it was more impressive than anything I've ever seen at Comic Con. The Batman collection has everything ranging from Batman '66 to the modern day incarnations of Batman and there was even a TV in there playing Batman '66 which was one of my first introductions to the world of Gotham. My absolute favourite item from his large collection was the original Batman '66 utility belt which was still unopened in its original box, I have no idea how much an item like that would cost but it's most definitely out of my price range, that to me is the ultimate toy goal!

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

There are lot's of huge Batman figures (and of course the Batmobile) to take photos with and there are lot's of other characters to including, The Simpsons, a giant Hulkbuster that takes over the whole entrace to the place, Sully from Monsters Inc. who was so big and cuddly I wanted to take him home and even my old pal Godzilla.

Batcat Museum - Bangkok - Thailand

Once you're finished admiring all the awesome toys there's cafe you can hang out in and get a cool beverage and also a shop full of collectables you can buy, I managed to resist adding to my collection although I did buy presents for my toy fanatic friends, I'm totally an enabler especially when it comes to all things nerdy. It's so great that Mr. Batcat is open to sharing his collection with the world because it is very impressive and he's such a sweet guy to and has a genuine love for all things Batman related, I definitely support his hobby and hope I can go back to visit him and his collection again someday soon.

If you could have the ultimate toy collection of one character who would it be?
Love & Batarangs

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